RSA - Travelling Together
'Travelling together' was a campaign I set up in response to RSA brief 'for the journey.' My campaign looked at the London Underground, a journey, like many others I take and dread. After research, I discovered the majority of the problems were caused by passengers. I therefore came up with a scheme that was essentially an app/website that allowed passengers to upload their problems with other passengers. Successful uploads would then be turned into advertising on the underground. Below are some examples that annoy passengers and how I would use design to acknowledge and solve them.

Research - Before creating my outcomes, I asked commuters what annoys them most on the Underground and created these 'icons' for each to help loosen up my responses.

Another research piece/initial response I mocked up.


'Smelly passengers.'

'People shouting or playing loud music.'

'Everyone looks so grumpy.'

'Lack of eye contact.'

Illustration showing how these posters could be positioned on an Underground train.


Website mock up